Hello! I'm Veronica Taylor

Operations Expert, Author, Coach, Speaker and Bay Area native.
I provide companies from Silicon Valley to San Francisco with the roadmap to happier, loyal customers.

My 15 years of corporate experience in the Bay Area working with Fortune 500 companies combined with my experience as a certified professional coach have led me to the path I’m on today.

Want to know what I’m most proud of? The fact that I’ve worked in more industries that I can list. I’ve never narrowed my vision to one or two industries. My passion is

pushing myself to learn about different business models and how operations integrate into every single day to day task within an organization. This has given me the unique and powerful perspective that I bring to my clients’ standard operating procedures. I know what workflows are cross-functional, and I know what areas of operations need to be customized. You won’t get this perspective anywhere else!

It’s been a crazy journey… and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Because why take the path already traveled? That’s B-O-R-I-N-G! I don’t want to go that route! I’d rather discover new ways of doing things and FUN ways of getting there.

Like that time I got fired… (Who wants to admit that!?)

I’ll let you in on a little secret… it was the single-most pivotal moment of my professional career. 

I learned not to settle. 

I took a job that looked fantastic on paper, but learned later it was NOT a values fit. It was for a Fortune 500 company that SAID was ready to make operational improvements in their organization. (swoon!) They were ready to create flow and speed in their day to day workflows and I was the person to get it done. (Or so I thought… )

I dove in head first… thriving in the recommendations, improvements, and day to day tweaks I would implement to make this company’s standard operating procedures great. 

Unfortunately… I missed a step. I didn’t consider whether the leadership team that hired me was TRULY ready to make these necessary changes. (Live and learn, right?) Making changes to their standard operating procedures also meant breaking through out of date thought processes and old ways of getting things done. 

So I hit resistance… a wall… and that wall was the very same leadership team that hired me. 

They didn’t understand the changes I wanted to make. 

Why change what’s “working”? Things are OK so why disrupt the process? 

They just couldn’t see the IMPACT that was about to take place.

So, I got fired.

It was incredibly frustrating. It was also incredibly enlightening. I never wanted to put myself in that position again… where people weren’t ready to stretch themselves beyond what’s “working”. I started working for myself as a Professional Certified Coach and slowly evolved my professional path until I found where I can add the most value.

Here’s my biggest takeaway from that entire experience… 

The most integral piece of the operations puzzle is also the piece most companies are missing. 

It’s having the willingness and ability (AKA the mindset) to look at operations differently. To look at this area of the business based on a company’s values and potential. 

My role within a company isn’t just to come in and “fix” a company’s operations. The solution goes deeper than that. It’s about immersing myself in the WHY and core passion behind the business. It’s about learning what drives the business owner. Why do they exist? Then, I weave THOSE facts and values into everyday operations and workflows of the business.

Now, I’ve found the area where I add the most value. I help businesses from Silicon Valley to San Francisco compete with the giants through improved standard operating procedures and smooth, seamless day to day workflows.

We are so incredibly fortunate to live in the Bay Area where some of the most influential companies in the world are located.

Yet, we also face a whole different slew of unique challenges because… we live in the Bay Area where some of the most influential companies in the world are located.

I’ve lived and worked here most of my life. I bring value to the small and midsize business sector because of my experience. I know how to play with the giants in the Bay Area. I feel the pain and understand the struggle that business owners face. I bring the tools to the table to overcome those challenges.

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Beyond the Surface: Verónica & the Bay Area

I was born in Central America, but have lived in the Bay Area for most of my life. From skipping class in high school to hang out on Haight/Ashbury (home to the most creative, flamboyant people you’ll ever meet) to loving The Ramp back when its neighborhood was called Mission Bay instead of The Dog Patch.
I believe in abundance. You can have it all. I think that living in lack is a mindset. When you cut out all the “noise” and the day to day distractions that aren’t directly impacting your bigger purpose, that’s when you find true abundance and happiness.
Behind every successful entrepreneur is a huge support system. I have an incredible husband, two girls that make my life brighter each and every day, and the most supportive friends and family a girl could ask for. Surround yourself with the best people and your potential is limitless.
Oh and next time you’re craving sandwiches, head over to Roxies on San Jose Avenue. The Dutch Crunch tuna sandwiches are out of this world.
In the words of the brilliant Seth Godin, “Doing nothing is expensive.” So take action. Let’s set up a call. I’d love to learn more about your business and explain how I’ll guide you towards a more robust and colorful operations workflow.
I’m ready for my free 25 minute session!

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