“The most important thing is to be customer-obsessed. Don’t satisfy them, absolutely delight them.”

Jeff Bezos

I guide business owners towards smoother and more robust standard operating procedures through immersing myself in their mission, vision, and purpose for existing in the marketplace.

This results in happier, loyal customers that keep coming back for more!

Say no more! I’m ready for a new approach to my business’ standard operating procedures.

More customers and more profits… that means sales training, right? Nope!

I do help owners of small & midsize businesses find freedom from the day to day monotony of their businesses.

And yes, I also guide these owners towards better results for their clients.

But I take a different approach. 

My biggest goal when working with businesses leaders in the Bay Area is to create freedom and independence from the daily grind of owning their own business. I help them feel MORE fulfilled in their business by bringing them back to working in their zone of genius.

Ok so how do I do this?

  • By helping you think of operations differently…
  • By improving business workflows…
  • By implementing better team member and customer onboarding procedures… 
  • By outlining typical customer journeys… 
  • By turning customer service inward in a business… 
  • By creating cross-functional systems within the business…

By improving standard operating procedures within businesses.

Because I’ll let you in on a little secret sales trainers don’t want to talk about…

Revenue and profit doesn’t mean anything if you are refunding most of your sales. And how much profit you keep is DIRECTLY dependent on your operations and workflows. 

I know, I know… no one thinks standard operating procedures are exciting. (Except me, but I mayyy be a bit of an anomaly!)

Small businesses avoid it like they avoid doing taxes every year because they have too much on their plate, and it’s not going to directly impact their bottom line.


Operations is the single most important aspect you can improve as a business owner that will directly impact the revenue that your company brings in and retains. Operations is the experience you are selling to people. It’s the reason a customer falls in love with your business. And it’s the reason they keep coming back. So if you want repeat sales, fewer refunds, and happier customers that want to tell all their friends about you, it’s time to look at the experience you’re selling. 

So, if you’re ready for BIG transformation within your small business.

  • If you’re ready to get back to what you love about your company.
  • If you’re ready for smoother and more consistent workflows.
  • If you’re ready for more happy, loyal customers.
  • It’s time for us to talk.
  • I’d love to explain how I will guide your Bay Area business towards your audacious goals.

Your Journey Working with Veronica

Awaken A New Perspective: Free 25 Minute Consultation

My goal? To get to know you and your business. I want to understand your genius, your purpose, and your struggle with the day to day workflows of your business. I also want YOU to get to know ME! Quirks and all. This ensures you love working with me as much as I love improving your standard operating procedures.
Path #1
We set up a strategy session to go deeper!
Path #2
We go our separate ways.

Beyond the Surface: 2+ Hour Strategy Call

Now it’s time to really get into the nitty gritty details of the day to day workflows in your business. This strategy session is all about your business, your vision, and your standard operating procedures. I ask a LOT of questions, and give a LOT of recommendations for improving your workflows, customer service, and vendor management.
Shortly after, I provide you with your very own, personalized Operations Strategy Roadmap.
This roadmap provides you with a holistic view of the entire business from a standard operating procedures standpoint.
It breaks down 4 areas of operational workflows and how they fit into the overall strategy of the company. The Operations Strategy Roadmap is your GPS to improving operations within each of these 4 areas.
Learning & Development
Customer Service
Path #1
You take your personalized Operations Strategy Roadmap and implement my recommendations to improve your day to day operations when you have time…
Path #2
OR… I do the work for you! I implement a fully customized standard operating procedures roadmap.You get to fast-forward to happier, more loyal customers.

Compelling, Consistent, & Customized Workflows:

You officially have my undivided attention. I immerse myself in your operations and implement impactful changes. Each and every one of these projects is completely customized to the individual business. No one small business consulting project is the same because every business has focused their “operational strategy” in different ways. This is why I guide you towards the initiatives that provide the most impact for your business.
Here are some examples of areas we would partner to improve operations within your organization:
  • Standard Operating Procedures (Admin, Sales, Marketing & of systems)
  • Workflows
  • Customer / Team Member Onboarding
  • Client / Customer Welcome Packets
  • Customer Service Protocol
  • Customer Journey Outline
  • Vendor Management
  • Operational KPI’s
  • Employee Job Descriptions
  • Creating Cross-functional System (eliminating silos within the business)
  • Teach how to Find, Vet and Hire Remote Talent

During our 1-on-1 project, you have your choice a printed copy of one of these two SPECIAL BONUS MANUALS:

Workflow Manual

Keep ownership and team members consistently accountable within their roles with your own personalized workflow manual. This manual creates a standard workflow with simple guidelines each team member can easily print and follow.

Standard of Operation Manual

Or choose a step-by-step instruction of job tasks and performance. Ownership can use this document to maintain standards and train anyone coming into the role. This manual supports the organization’s current operational needs and it’s future goals.
After a 1-on-1 project, you are officially ready to unleash your new operations plan onto the world!

You return to your passion. Your purpose, mission, and vision are now weaved into every single aspect and customer facing experience in your business. Your team members complete day to day workflows with ease. You can FINALLY focus on that project you’ve been wanting to start for years. The one that lights you up! But has been gathering dust in a pile of good ideas because you just didn’t have the time! But now you do. You no longer have to run from one fire to another reacting to issues. You have proactively solved issues that would have resulted in customer refunds and dissatisfaction. You have happier, loyal customers with increased sales.

Because as I’ve said before… 

Sales makes the first sale. Operations make every single sale after that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work within only specific industries?

Absolutely not! Every business, no matter the industry, needs strategy within their standard operating procedures and workflows! I work within ALL industries - from financial advisors to speaking coaches and every industry in between. So let’s jump on a call and discuss how I can help your specific business niche. 

I'm not ready to buy a 2 hr consulting session, what do you recommend I do?

I have JUST the solution! Let’s jump on a free 25 minute call! This gives you a taste of my value and helps us get to know each other to ensure we’d be a fantastic fit working together 1-on-1.

What are your prices for 1-on-1 projects?

I completely customize every 1-on-1 project to only concentrate on the workflows that add the MOST value to your business. The benefit to you? You’re not paying for a “one size fits all” project where you may not need every single module provided. But, this does mean the prices for each project are completely dependent on your needs and our preliminary discussion. So, let’s jump on a call so I can get to know you and your business needs, and I’ll provide pricing from there!

What is my time commitment for a 1-on-1 project?

I take your timeline and schedule into account when designing your customized 1-on-1 project. You have the power to choose how much time you have to dedicate to these projects. As I learn your preferences and schedule, I will make recommendations on which workflows we should complete. From there, we decide what areas you should dedicate time to and which areas I will take the lead. This allows me to get tasks off your plate while still adding the most value to the overall project.

Compelling Words from Visionary Clients:

  • Doris Pickering
    Silicon Valley Speaks

    “Verónica's operational and strategic expertise has been instrumental in guiding me in the process of scaling my business. Learning new systems to automate and document my processes has been invaluable, and I'm happy to be able to count on her as my Operations expert!"

  • Chelsey Piasentin Souza
    Essex & Drake Fundraising Counsel

    “Verónica’s customer service and coaching skills are unparalleled. Not only is she adept in helping small business owners thrive, but she also does it all with professionalism and grace.”

  • Sharai Johnson
    Business Owner

    “Verónica has been an excellent mentor and resource to me and my business. As a beginner on my entrepreneurship journey, she has helped mold and shape my business.”

  • Anna Beuselinck
    Life Gardener

    “Verónica is a wonderful organizer, facilitator with a focus on development of people and organizations. Her ability to create and guide partners and participants through complex schedules, and handle all details flawlessly, is amazing. I love working and partnering with Verónica!”

  • Zoe Sanchez
    Mortgage Advisor

    “I am so thrilled to know and work with Verónica! She is an amazing woman, entrepreneur, and professional. In the time we have had to talk and get to know each other, she is constantly inspiring me to raise to higher levels.”

  • Eric Johnson
    Thought Leader Mentor, Business Coach

    “Verónica is one of the most professional and creative people I have met in business. Her “Can do” attitude is inspiring and everyone can feel her positive energy as she enters the room.”

  • Greg Gillis
    Executive Coach, Facilitator, Mentor @ G2i

    Verónica is always a step ahead in ensuring the success of our programs. She is a pleasure to work with and is an excellent communicator.”

You’ve made it to the end! That must mean I’ve piqued your interest.

Let’s set up a time to further discuss what I can amplify your business through improved workflows and operations.
I’m ready

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